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Powder Detergent - Powder Detergent Products Manufacturers. Powders for automatic washing machines Malawi

Certificates : ISO 14001 ; ISO 9002 ; ISO 9001:2000

Without phosphates detergent powders. Household chemistry. Malawi

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Powder Detergent - Powder Detergent Products Manufacturers. Powders for automatic washing machines
  • contains super effective bioactive bleaching means - Perborat sodium, which separates active oxygen.
    Even at low temperatures of washing wonderfully decomposing color a stain from fault, fruit, vegetables, blood, a rust etc.
  • does not contain harmful to an organism phosphates, neither phosphorus, nor chlorine as against usual detergent powders.
  • washing ability in 1,5 times is higher, than at standard detergent powders.
  • universal - for manual washing, automatic washing machines and washing machines activatores type
  • it is effective in at temperature modes from 10* up to 100*
  • active components are effective even at small temperature of washing and are biologically decomposed.
  • does not cause an allergy and irritation of a leather(skin) and bodies of breath
  • does not destroy nail root, protects and humidifies a leather of hands
  • does not contain a dust and synthetic smells which may cause Allergic reactions of bodies of breath
  • it is rinsed from fabrics in 2 times better norms of the USDostandard and in 4-7 times it is better, in comparison with existing marks of powders and soaps
  • damage of fibres of fabrics and colouring at 5-15 time is less than norms of the USDostandard (and those powders which are submitted in the market of Byelorussia, Russia and Ukraine)
  • provides removal(distance) of spots, freshens and strengthens colouring fabrics, protects them from decolouration
  • has bactericidal, soft antistatic and Starch effect (for the mixed fibres)
  • eliminates extraneous smells
  • does not demand additional application of softeners of water, chloric and sulfuric bleaches
  • 100 % active; with bioadditives and without them
  • with Foam excluding and an antiscum
  • antiallergenic, for a dry and sensitive leather(skin)
  • (a remarkable smell), enzimes and the components softening water
  • softens linen, giving additional tenderness to your clothes
  • for any kinds of a fabric, except for a wool and silk
  • Without phosphates detergent powders. Household chemistry. Malawi

    Our powders of the third generation which surpass in a level of safety for your health and the Nature all existing marks.
    In structure of our powders completely there are no dangerous to your health and our Nature components, as: phosphates, sulfates, silicates, chlorine, a pine forest, ammonia, sulfur, the surface-active substances, biologically not decomposed components, harmful and water-insoluble substances.
    the Chemistry of washing essentially new - erases in the special image the prepared water!
    With the help of analogue of a natural mineral of a throne water turns to a buffer solution where pollution delete molecules of weak alkali (~9), weak acid (~4), hydrogen, oxygen and gidroxonium. Molecular washing is carried out already during soaking.

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